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  • 58,41 € 64,90 € -10%

    The friend par excellence! Twin shaft construction for added range of expansion; extremely reliable and durable!

    58,41 € 64,90 € -10%
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  • 179,10 € 199,00 € -10%

    The new ZOOM + 3 digital technology epresents antennas, intuitive design and current.

    179,10 € 199,00 € -10%
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  • 119,20 € 149,00 € -20%

    Earth Gtx is a baseline model Lite Trek Comfort, dedicated to consumers who prefer comfort without compromising on performance and quality of the product. Combination full-grain leather or nubuck, waterproof, 2.0 GTX ® lining. Energy with Vibram ® rubber midsole, polyurethane directly injected to the upper.

    119,20 € 149,00 € -20%
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  • 97,30 € 139,00 € -30%
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    The evolution of the species. Unlined, ultra light and super comfy. The contact with the ground is direct, unique, highly sensitive: like walking barefoot. The spirit of adventure of the Mojito facilitates the transition towards a vocation "urban": why not wear it for happy hour with friends?

    97,30 € 139,00 € -30%
    Reduced price!
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  • 54,00 € 60,00 €

    Rampant suitable for all models of all tech attacks. Recommended for ascents on ice and hard snow. Different options depending on the width of the ski.

    54,00 € 60,00 €
    Reduced price!
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  • 16,92 € 19,90 € -15%

    SPIRIT EXPRESS referral ensures the best experience of clipping for sport climbing. Weighing less than 100 g, offers a versatility ranging from Crag at sports routes. Comes with a straight gate SPIRIT carabiner at the top and a bent gate version at the bottom.

    16,92 € 19,90 € -15%
    Reduced price!
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  • 224,96 € 249,95 € -10%

    The AVALANCHE RESCUE device SET ZOOM + offers beginners the economic opportunity to abandon the enrespirare piste ski skiing atmosphere.

    224,96 € 249,95 € -10%
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  • 287,96 € 319,95 € -10%

    We combine our products of the highest quality in a single kit. Gathering in a box products with great quality we facilitate the choice: 3 A.R.T.VA + device, avalanche shovel BEAST and AVALANCHE PROBE LIGHT 240 PFA.

    287,96 € 319,95 € -10%
    Reduced price!
    In stock
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